Château des Cinq Cantons, chambres d'hôtes et gites de luxe en Provence

177, Allée des Cinq Cantons
84200 Carpentras, France |  +33 609 245 678 & +33 620 784 752

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It was on July 12, 1857 that Empress Eugenie, wife of Napoleon III, inaugurated the hydraulic buildings that will feed the future Aqueduct of the Cinq Cantons built four years later to irrigate among others the 20 hectares of the Estate.
After successive enlargements, it is finally at the end of the 18th century that the building takes its final form. You will find at the turn of the South-West road, a resting place where a stop is imposed on the bench, with a spectacular panorama of Mont Ventoux; further on, after the olive trees and mauve irises, your eyes will surely stop on the old tank and its hut, which served as the lifting pump of the famous Aqueduct of the Cinq Cantons. You will discover this haven of greenery and peace where calm and voluptuousness are the key words ...